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:love: My Favorites :love:


My internet connection has been shut off at my dad's

I hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year
Leon and me have missed you all and are  now having to come to our local libary to come on

Thinking about you guys and miss yall sorry was gone so long

been going to the doctor
My brother :iconreevesm20: just got thru posting a journal so if you want go check it out

our internet will be going out sometime next week it wont be long before it will come back on

we think we got the job passing the drug test we both will be on night shift so ^^
thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and we will be doing the same for you guys

thanks for dropping by both our pages and we will be back soon

until then we will come on as much as possible :heart: you all

Been busy I got a job for Black Berry patch here where i live and boy was it hard work couldnt take it :giggle: ^^;
got a interview with the local walmart for both me and my brother this monday at 11:00 am :heart: :clap:

been thinking about all you guys and hope you are all doing well

:heart: you guys and miss you all lots talk to you soon and fav you soon :giggle:

Sasuke Itachi by Link1245
Sasuke Itachi
All Characters belong to Mashashi Kishimoto

Both models are by :iconasideofchidori: and :iconmvegeta: :happybounce:

Hope you all like it <3
Sasuke by Link1245
Sasuke belongs to Mashashi Kishimoto

Model by :ASideOfChidori: and :iconmvegeta: :clap:

Hope you guys like it <3


Link1245's Profile Picture
Claire Redfield
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey everyone

My name is Leigh
I roleplay here as a Claire Redfield,and a Rebecca Chambers :heart:

My favorite characters from some games are
Tifa and Cloud and Sephiroth and Genesis :heart:from Final Fantasy 7
Rinoa Squall from Final Fantasy 8
Yuna Tidus Rikku and Auron from Final Fantasy 10
Lenne Shuyin from Final Fantasy 10-2
Ashe Basch Noah Balthier from Final Fantasy 12
Lightning and Serah Snow Fang from Final Fantasy 13
Cassandra Siegfried from Soul Calibur
Chunli Ryu from Street Fighter
Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon
Relena Peacecraft from Gundam Wing
Hitomi and Millearna Van from Escaflowne
Sakura and Ten-ten Sasuke Minato and Itachi :rose::heart:from Naruto
Ayane and Helena Hayate Ryu and Kasumi :heart:from Dead or alive
Madison Li and Sakura from Card Captors Sakura
Jill Rebecca Billly Wesker Sherry Chris Leon Claire :heart: all my favs from Resident evil
Dante and Patty :heart: from Devil May Cry anime

I love to do xna pics,write fanfics,and play piano

My bro in real life his name on here is :iconreevesm20: :) :love: u bro alot

Here are some of the most amazing people that i have met on here :heart: you all :blowkiss:

:iconchrisredfieldre1: :heart: you bro so very much you have been such a wonderful blessing and i am so close to you, you are special to me and so precious a soul i am so happy that we talk :happybounce:if you ever need a ear or someone to just hug u i am there for ya ok :highfive: :blowkiss:

:iconpiers-nivensplz: This is Piers i know :glomp: such a awesome and amazing friend ^^

:iconcaptain-albertwesker: This is A Wesker with who I roleplay with and he is very sweet and kind good person to know if anyone ever needs support he is always there :hug:

:icondarktonic: This is my sis :heart: we are like peas in the same pod xD :blowkiss:

:iconrefreak111: Just met her today and we hit it off so fun and awesome person to talk to :heart: she is one of my sisters here on deviantart :love: you

:iconveronerohero: my leon with whom i roleplay with and is such a sweetie and wonderful person to know :iconwhiteroseplz: :heart:

:icontwilight-lightning: My partner in crime :giggle: Jill whom i am his Chris forever partners forever close :date: ^^

My Little Sisters are
:iconxxfabigoesnomxx: such a sweet and kind sis she is apple of my eye

:iconraneofdarkenedskies: such a amazing person to know and a wonderful sister to love :heart:

MySisters are
:iconxumbrellaco: first person i met here she is such an amazing artist and a great a partner to be with always there to watch your back :hug: :heart: ya sis
:iconygure: my Becca and Heather sis I am very close tp her and she is my very best bud :highfive: we are masters :giggle: we are always there for each other..

:iconxjillxlxvalentine: My amazing Mama Jill such a wonderful and understanding friend wonderful and sweet person to know she is very speical to me:hug:

:iconclaireivankakennedy: my sis :highfive: :huggle: another great and wonderful friend to know here on da

:iconsilverwarden: an amazing artist and great friend she loves claire and leon xD :hug: :tighthug:

:iconangelic-noir: My older sis i would say she is so helpful and is the ear you can always tell things too :hug: thanks rae for everything

:iconobessed4: Another of my older sisters :heart: an amazing person :tighthug: love her so much :iconleftangelwingplz::heart::iconrightangelwingplz:

:iconxxclairebearxx1: my sweet claire so kind and gentle :heart: :hug:

:iconiamalwayslate: my little bucket of rainbow ice cream XD :huggle: :tighthug: :heart: so speical to my heart

:iconthe-lost-in-time::la:My Sweet sis and Partner of the Fly Series and lover of chesker and valenfield,such an amazing artist her art goes to show her personality a :heart: of gold ^^ :love: you my sweet and wonderful sister :heart: :la: :iconsuperlaplz:

:iconlady-jill-valentine: A Dead or alive lover xD :heart: and a Resident evil lover ^^ My sister :glomp: :heart: :excited: such a nice and wonderful person to talk with :glomp: :blowkiss:

My Best Girl in the world here :iconlilith-winchester:
:iconlainloveplz: :iconlovepowerplz:

My Brothers are
:iconmrhookerhusband187: very calm very passionate ^^ :wave:s awesome person to get to know

:iconsam-bks:a total fan of Cleon :clap: :la:

:iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz:

All theses people are amazing and very speical to me i cherish them close and keep them in my mind and heart always at all times i want nothing but good things for theses people they have inspired me to achieve better then what i ever thought i could imagine :heart: u all so very much and dear :blowkiss:
My internet connection has been shut off at my dad's

I hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year
Leon and me have missed you all and are  now having to come to our local libary to come on

Thinking about you guys and miss yall sorry was gone so long

been going to the doctor

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Hello sis long time no see how ya been? How's Leon doin? Sorry I disappeared on u guys was having rough time at home I forgot my password for my account I kind of forgot how to use deviant its been so long since last time I was on I hope all is well I was wonderin if u can make Claire pic and I hope every1 else is doin k I lost the programs to make pic with I missed every1:)
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